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Il Corallo, February 20, 2015

Sorry to be so behind on blogging! Ho da fare! (I have much to do) with our pending exit from the Embassy, from the workforce, and our move to a new apartment. PLUS we are about to go to Paris for week, our son arrives a couple of days before I retire in May, my brother and SIL are coming in June when we will take a three week trip together, and there are cat-sitters to arrange! Ho da fare, in fatti! Today I am laid up at home with a swollen knee (that’s another story) so I am catching up.

Il Corallo on the street of the same name.

Il Corallo on the street of the same name.

But enough about me….

Our friends Bill and Melissa suggested Il Corallo. We forced them to select the restaurant for our Friday night pizza so we would have a new place to try. It is so appealing to go back to the same old favorites, once-in-awhile we need inspiration to try a new spot.  We met in the lovely Piazza Navona where a fire-eater/dancer was performing semi-nude in the cold February night. At least he was doing something for his hand-outs and he seemed to be gathering a few Euros.

Moving on we wandered the alleys to Il Corallo. It’s a very cute place, and it seems just enough English is spoken to take orders and chat a bit, but we experienced a decidedly local crowd.  The pizza is from a wood oven and there are creative choices including the three we had among the four of us dining. Wine is not expensive: thank God as we consumed two bottles! (Hey, there were FOUR people!) Bill and Ric ordered desserts. I sampled a fine semifreddo, crunchy with hazelnuts, but was too full to appreciate it. I did down my entire pizza!

Il Corallo is a little cramped but not as impossibly so as some other places we have dined. No outdoor space to speak of, although perhaps that is a different story when the temps are above 50 Fahrenheit. If we are near Piazza Navona and craving pizza, this is definitely I place I would choose again. Thanks Bill and Melissa!

Via Del Corallo, 10; Tel. 0668307703

Pizza Quality: 2 This is good pizza and probably worthy of more than a 2, but a 3 is reserved for best-of-the-best by OWP. If my scale was 1 to 5, I would give it a 4.

Service: 3 Nice people, efficient, but they let you linger, unlike at La Pratolina. Limited English but that doesn’t bother us, of course. 

Ambiance: 2   A bit crowded but not impossibly so. You may have to ask the guy at the next table to move so you can get in. Although we had a reservation we were seated right by the door, which I would think would be left for walk-ins, ma va beh! 

Total Points: 7

Returnability: Go-to Place fine excellent if you are in the area


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