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La Pratolina, January 9, 2015

I haven’t really determined how to deal with repeat visits in my focused little pizza blog. Unless a great place goes downhill, there’s not much news in going back to the same venue. So, for the record, here is a repeat visit to La Pratolina. You can read my first review here. This is one of our top two or three pizza destinations. We discovred it when Ric’s sister and two of her adult children visited in 2012. We’ve been going back every two or three months since then. We have never had a bad experience except to be denied seating for failing to make a reservation. In fact, we had been trying to get some Italian friends to go here for months but it never worked out. Finally we set a date and met them there, but I thought he was making a reservation and he did not think one was necessary in the middle of the week at 8:00PM, so we were turned away!

I called on Wednesday the 7th for this particular Friday and was informed, as is often the case at La Pratolina, that for an 8:00PM reservation we needed to agree to vacate the table by 9:45PM as they had it committed. This is very unusual at an Italian restaurant, but the place is so popular they can do it. We met another couple this time and managed to make our way through sfizi, great pizza (as usual) and two bottles of wine for €69.00. And yes, we left as required by 9:45PM.

This is not the easiest place to get to for us. It takes a 15 minute walk from home to get to the stop for the Tram #19, a 20 minute ride to the Lepanto stop, a 10 minute-or-so walk to La Pratolina. Repeat for the return. But the pizza is THAT GOOD that we don’t mind, at least if it’s not raining.

Same stats as in my last review.

Pizza Quality: 3  Outstanding ingredients, an especially good crust and some creative toppings. 

Service: 3  Efficient, friendly, bi-lingual. The won’t necessarily rush you, but you may be told when you reserve that you have to depart by a certain time as the table will turn at least twice in an evening.

Ambiance: 2   Nice dining rooms, tables not overly crowded; colorful, warm, welcoming. One point deducted for no outdoor seating.

Bonus: 1  Extra credit for great sfizi.

Total Points: 9

Returnability:  The Best! Go out-of-your-way to eat here; take a cross-town bus or a 20 Euro cab ride if necessary.


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