Rating System

Our rating system is to award up to 3 points in each of three categories: Pizza Quality, Ambiance, and Service. If someplace is off-the-charts good, extremely creative or atmospheric, we’ll give it a bonus point for a Perfect 10.

We will also give the place a Returnability Rating:

  • The Best: Go out-of-your-way to eat there; take a cross-town bus or a 20 Euro cab ride if necessary.
  • Go-to Place: Eat there if you are nearby, but don’t go too far out of your way.
  • DNR: Do Not Return under any circumstances. Mistakes were made; do not compound them.

3 comments on “Rating System

  1. You are welcome! Just throwing ourselves on the bomb of eating pizza every week so others can benefit!


  2. Buongiorno Laurel,
    I was so happy to see this new blog of yours! Very helpful information, I’m saving your suggestions for my next trip to Rome! Thanks so much..


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