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Fratelli (Paris), March 8, 2015

We are in France, but that doesn’t mean we skip Our Weekly Pizza. If one is in Paris for only two or three days, I would recommend enjoying French food and saving your pizza adventures for Italy. BUT we are here for seven  nights and of course pizza research is an essential service we provide.

Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero.

Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero.

Ristorante Fratelli  was close to our apartment (<20 minute walk) and between us and the Eiffel Tower, allowing a nice early evening viewing of the lighted tower from the Trocadero, followed by an early-ish dinner. We were exhausted after walking about 25,000 steps (according to my pedometer) this day.

We found Fratelli to be a delightful experience with good pizza and terrifically friendly service. I was able to reserve online through a Trip Adviser partner “The Fork”, a real gift considering I do not speak French beyond oui and merci. 

We arrived on foot, finding a street crowded with vehicles stuck in traffic for several blocks, honking madly as if it would help, and many distinctive black luxury sedans parked on corners with drivers at-the-wheel seemingly waiting for VIPs. Across the street from Fratelli there were cameras flashing, bodyguards, looky-loos, and other indications of AN EVENT. Once inside, the host at Fratelli told us the House of Givenchy was doing a show. We were happy, as usual, to not be car-dependent.

Fratelli is a fusion of French bistro in ambiance and Italian trattoria in cuisine. There are several Italian wine selections, not badly priced, pastas, a menu du jour as well as several plats. We choose pizza, of course, but the dessert du jour was terribly appealing, and since we’d walked across half of Paris today, we intended to indulge. Usually we share, but Ric said “I’m having the special dessert and I am not sharing,” so I was forced to order my own. Mamma mia it was good! A warm chocolate cake with bits of cherry in it and a molten center, served with cherry coulis and vanilla ice cream. Pizza, wine, chocolate, espresso and ice cream: five of my favorite food groups. Why isn’t the food pyramid made up of these?

Pizza Quality: 2 Seemed to be wood-fired, although the crust as a little soft, but it was VERY thin and the toppings oh-so-tasty! I cannot give it a “3” since it does not stand up to Dar Poeta or our other faves. Cannot rate the rest of the menu, but it looked good. Very pricey calamari at Euro 15.00 so we did not order fritti. 

Service: 3 The host speaks English but beyond him, the staff speaks enough English to get by. Very friendly and accommodating. Pizza came out very fast. Almost too fast. 

Ambiance: 3   Classic French bistro but not too noisy. Dark interior, nice decorative touches like the lighted wall made of green wine bottles. 

Total Points: 8

Returnability: Go-to Place — If I were to be in Paris again, the XVII Arrondissement, I would return, no question. 



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