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Pizzeria Tedeschi, Korčula, June 13, 2015

Since my last pizza blog we have been traveling and managed to fit in pizza for lunch at Lago di Garda (Cirano in Malescine), for dinner in the Dolomites at Moso (Ristorante Pizzeria Martina), and now in Croatia. Yup, we are eating it more than once a week, and it is all good! If you are in Moso or Malescine, go to these places. You will be happy. My brother said the pizza at Cirano was one of the best he has had anywhere. I’m still a hold out for Dar Poeta and my other #1 picks, but I, too, was happy with Cirano as well as the very lovely Martina. 

Across from the restaurant building, lining the seawall, are tables-with-a-view.

Across from the restaurant building, lining the seawall, are tables-with-a-view.

I am singling out Pizzeria Tedeschi in Korčula (KOR-choo-la) Town on the island of Korčula because not only was the pizza good, the setting was amazing.

The island of Korčula floats off the Dalmatian Coast within sight of the Pelješac Peninsula, famous for great wines. The Old Town is located on a little bit of land jutting into the sea, and along the eastern side of this fortified town, restaurants are lined up under

Korcula in red, floating off the Dalmatian Coast.

Korcula in red, floating off the Dalmatian Coast.

overhanging trees. It makes for a nice promenade and a place to stop for coffee or a drink almost any time of the day. At night it is particularly attractive.

Perhaps it seems odd to gravitate to pizza in such a seafood-intense location, but we ate excellent seafood for lunch and for dinner the night before. With six more nights ahead, we had plenty of time for fish, so pizza and local wine were the perfect combo. My rating follows the slideshow. Click on any image to enlarge it.

Pizza Quality: 2 Good, fresh, local ingredients, wood-fired oven. Borderline 3…. But I do not give that rating out lightly and I might have been influenced by the setting and the great wine, so “2” it is. 

Service: 3 We have had excellent service at restaurants in Croatia and this was no different. Everyone speaks English, they are courteous, prompt, and even the check comes quickly. 

Ambiance: 3   It does not get any better than this, period. Maybe on Maui….

Total Points: 8

Returnability: Go-to Place – Is this the best on Korčula? Maybe, but I would not go to Croatia just to eat here. But if you ARE there, eat here on a warm evening as the sun is setting. With someone you love sitting next to you. 


One comment on “Pizzeria Tedeschi, Korčula, June 13, 2015

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