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Apizza Scholls, Portland, December 10, 2016

Despite the strange name, Apizza Scholls delivers a pizza that made us homesick for Rome. Too bad we couldn’t walk there as we might have done in Rome. On a cold and rainy Saturday night, we dressed warmly and dodged roads that were closed due to a snow-and-ice storm earlier in the week. (Burnside and […]

Al Forno della Soffitta, Roma, January 29, 2016

Yes, there have been a lot of pizza posts lately. I am trying to catch up on this blog. Maybe I’ll even stay caught up. Al Forno della Soffitta¬†(beware when you click – the website has music) is an easy choice for us. We can walk there in about 30 minutes, helping amortize what we […]

Pizzeria al Forno della Soffitta, January 2, 2015

Our first pizza of 2015 was at a delightful place we visited only once before: Pizzeria al Forno della Soffitta. It was all the more delightful because the bus from our neighborhood stops directly in front of this pizzeria. And if we are so lucky as to get a convenient bus back, the stop is […]