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La Pratolina, April 17, 2015

On repeat visits to a favorite place I often forget I am supposed to be paying attention enough to write about it and find something new to say. On this visit we were distracted by the presence of friends whom we had coerced into joining us but I can assure you, La Pratolina is still a great place to go. We did learn something new about LaP, though, thanks to it being Ric’s turn….

Each week we take turns selecting where we will go Friday and Saturday: Friday for pizza, Saturday for a more traditional dinner. This week it was Ric’s pick for Friday and mine for Saturday. Being the “picker” also means you have to call for the reservation. It seems I have always been the “picker” for La Pratolina and thus called and made the reservation, and I always do so in Italian. I have always asked for an 8:00PM dining time and have always been told we have to be out by 9:30PM. That’s OK with us. 90 minutes is (usually) enough time for pizza.

This time Ric picked LaP and so he called for the res, in English, and was told there are two seatings: 7:30PM and 9:30PM. Well that put a different spin on why 9:30 was so important! While we don’t, as a rule, like eating as early as 7:30 on a Friday night, we don’t like to start as late as 9:30 either. Had they told me this in rapid-fire Italian and I just did not understand? I don’t think so as I have probably called them 6 or 7 times in the past two years and as my language skills have improved, surely I would have understood this!

I still stand by my rating of 9 as in January and last October.  Really nothing to add except you can enjoy a leisurely two hour pizza night with friends if you like, at the relatively early hour of 19:30. So to close, our pizzas, which I almost forgot to photograph. And the sfizi were long gone before I remembered to take out my camera.


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