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Hotel Crescenzo, L’isola di Procida, April 5, 2015

Pizza for Easter? Yes in fact it was our Easter supper. We did have a proper lunch: grilled swordfish and grilled calamari, lovely seafood antipasti and cicoria. We spent Easter weekend on Procida, a tiny island near Ischia, just off the Italian Coast at Napoli. Expecting nice spring weather, we were rewarded with rain and chilly temps, but it was even more miserable in Roma, it seems. Only friends who went to the Dolomites found nice weather.

I am posting a few pictures of Procida at my other blog, GoodDayRome. Here I will concentrate on pizza. Should you ever find yourself on Procida craving pizza, Hotel Crescenzo does a nice job. You look out on the marina, and I imagine in summer it would be a lovely respite from the sun as it faces east.

Pizza Quality: 2 Good crust, did not get soggy, but a not as tasty as Dar Poeta, 72 Ore, or La Pratolina who also have thicker crusts. Ric’s veggie pizza was quite good, and you cannot go wrong with alici (anchovies).

Service: 3 Efficient, friendly, but if they speak English it is a secret. We had all the time in the world and lingered. There were customers from the very old to infants.

Ambiance: 3   While nothing over-the-top, you cannot beat the setting right on the Marina. Large outdoor area for good weather looks promising. 

Total Points: 8 This might seem high compared to my normal reviews, but the seaside location is worth the extra point, and I cannot fault the service.  They were very nice. 

Returnability: Go-to Place – fine if you are in the area. If you are spending time on Procida, this can be a pleasant place for a casual supper. 


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