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Pizzeria al Forno della Soffitta, January 2, 2015

Our first pizza of 2015 was at a delightful place we visited only once before: Pizzeria al Forno della Soffitta. It was all the more delightful because the bus from our neighborhood stops directly in front of this pizzeria. And if we are so lucky as to get a convenient bus back, the stop is only a few steps away in Piazza Fiume.

A pizzaiolo deftly turns a pie. I timed them: 3 to 4 minutes to cook a pizza. Must be a bout 1,000 degrees in there.

A pizzaiolo deftly turns a pie. I timed them: 3 to 4 minutes to cook a pizza. Must be a bout 1,000 degrees in there.

Transportation issues aside, the pizza is very good. They have an extensive menu beyond pizza, but we were there, as usual, for our favorite Friday meal. Last time we were here was a Sunday night and it was not busy at all; we waltzed right in. This time, the Friday after New Year’s, it was mobbed. We were in the door just ahead of a group of 7 or 8 American young people, thank God, so we “only” had to wait 30 minutes or so. On what was a very cold night, we crowded into the small entrance while the the larger group was forced outside. We had a fine view of the pizzaioli not only hard at work, but having a good time doing what they were doing. Clearly experts and at ease with each other, they made the work seem like a pleasure. It was fun to watch and know our pizzas would be so carefully prepared.

The restaurant is crowded making use of every possible spot for a table, but the servers maneuver skilfully and it made for a very convivial atmosphere. We were not quite starving, having eaten our way through the season, so we skipped fritti this night. Right to wine and pizza please!

Prices are excellent. Two pizzas, a bottle of decent vino rosso, and water was €35.00.  Unfortunately good bus karma was not with us, so we walked the 30 minutes home. We call that incidental exercise: when you have to walk because the bus is not cooperating. There is a taxi stand nearby, too.

I would link to their website but it’s stupid. Check them out on Trip Advisor or just go. Via Piave, 62/64; Telephone 06 4201 1164. Make a reservation if it is Friday or Saturday night. It was busy even at 8:00PM.

Pizza Quality: 3  This is a fine pizza with good ingredients, terrific chewy — but not too chewy — crust. It is not quite equal to Dar Poeta or La Pratolina, but it’s damn close.

Service: 3  Took care to notice us, put us on the list and make sure we knew they had us in sight. Minimal English (the host only I think). Efficient waitress.

Ambiance: 3   No outdoor seating but you would not want to on Via Piave. Attractive if crowded dining rooms. 

Total Points: 9

Returnability: Go-to Place – fine if you are in the area


One comment on “Pizzeria al Forno della Soffitta, January 2, 2015

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