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O’Pazzariello, December 12, 2014

I wanted to like this place more than we did. It’s warm and welcoming, with a pleasant atmosphere in a sunny yellow and red. Located only a few steps from Castel Sant’Angelo, there is a wood-fired pizza oven, a nice menu with many selections, good staff who engage and pay attention to the customers, and decent house wine. The prices are great: Only €28.00 for two pizzas, 1/2 litre of wine and water. We saw nice pastas with seafood consumed by fellow diners. Unfortunately the pizza was only average, at least in our opinion. No website but find them on Trip Advisor. 

Ric's choice: sausage & cicoria

Ric’s choice: sausage & cicoria

The pizza looks beautiful with a lovely thick border typical of Neapolitan pizza. But the crust was chewy, almost rubbery. Some may like it that way, we do not. Most of the toppings seemed to be of good quality, but the tomato sauce was bland and the cheese also seemed sub-standard. We did not try fritti nor did we stay for dessert, so my comments are strictly about the pizza.

That said, if you are near Castel Sant’Angelo and hungry, there’s nothing wrong with O’Pazzariello and they certainly have alternatives to pizza. For my €30.00 I will go to Dar Poeta instead.

Pizza Quality: 2  Nothing special but not horrible, so I cannot really give it a “1” in all fairness. If you’ve never had a really great pizza, this might seem wonderful to you. Toppings are fresh, but the flavorless sauce and rubbery crust detract from the experience. 

Service: 3  Warm and welcoming. We saw staff members engaging children, joking with regulars. As far as I can tell, minimal English spoken. 

Ambiance: 2   Pleasant dining room, colorful, warm, welcoming. 

Total Points: 7

Returnability: Go-to Place – fine if you are in the area


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