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Al NoNo Risorto, December 6, 2014

Venezia is not known for pizza, and some would say not known for good food, but we really enjoy NoNo Risorto and make it our pizza stop each time we are in La Serenissima. We are not the only tourists at NoNo, but we are the only Americans during most visits, and the locals far outnumber the travelers.

My pizza has a funny name, the Maulwurf. Salami piccante and Gorgonzola with tomato and mozzarella. Like Christmas, only once a year....

My pizza has a funny name, the Maulwurf. Salami piccante and Gorgonzola with tomato and mozzarella. Like Christmas, only once a year….

On this cold and drizzly Saturday we made the very short walk from our favorite apartment in San Polo and were accommodated even without a reservation. The interior is rustic and in nice weather there is a delightful garden space. As many establishments do, they also created a covered outdoor space that has removable plastic walls allowing winter dining in comfort with a view to the garden.

The first time we went to NoNo, we had a devil of a time finding it. Now that we know the way, we wonder why it was such a challenge the first time. Perhaps it was because it is in a sottoportego, a kind of covered alleyway unique to Venezia.

Some of our fellow diners had terrific looking pastas and fish. One day we may try to branch out and eat dinner here, not just pizza.

I have a favorite pizza here, a combination not offered at others we patronize: salami piccante and Gorgonzola. My mouth waters just to write about it! No fritti offered, so we splurged on dessert. After all, we are on vacation. Not much else to say except we had good pizza, acceptable house wine, fabulous desserts, and a reasonably (for Italy) low tab. Who says Venezia doesn’t have bargains? From here I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

A word of warning: the pizza frutti di mare is strange. A couple of years ago, Ric ordered it and would not recommend it again.

Pizza Quality: 2  Good ingredients, charred and chewy crust and some combos not found elsewhere in our pizza travels.

Service: 2  Can be a little scattered, and definitely not strong in the English department.

Ambiance: 3   Warm and rustic with big chunky tables, draped in red cloths. the best feature is the outdoor garden.

Total Points: 7

Returnability: Go-to Place – fine if you are in the area. Go if you are in Venezia, but don’t go to Venezia to eat here. 


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