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And so it begins

Many of our friends and family know that pizza is a staple of the Barton diet. We eat it once week, sometimes twice, and on vacation have been know to do so three times in a week.

It all began when Ric and I got together in 1984. I thought pizza was a once-in-awhile treat, something eaten at Pizza Hut for a child’s birthday party, or all-too-often pizza at my house was a frozen one from Totino’s consumed as Sunday night supper. Hey, I’m from Minnesota and so is Totino’s!

Marrying Ric changed my ways. I don’t always make the bed in the morning, especially if one of the cats is sleeping on it, and now I know that pizza is nature’s most perfect food, meant to be consumed at least weekly.

Moving to Italy added a layer of adventure, charm and maybe a little snobbery to our pizza eating. As we eat at least 52 pizzas a year, I thought documenting the journey a worthy endeavor both for us (“Where did we eat last weekend?”) and for those who dream of eating pizza all over Italy.

The rating system I have developed is to award up to 3 points in each of three categories: Pizza Quality, Ambiance, and Service. If someplace is off-the-charts good, extremely creative or atmospheric, we’ll give it a bonus point for a Perfect 10. We will also give the place a Return Rating:

  • The Best: Go out-of-your-way to eat there; take a cross-town bus or a 20 Euro cab ride if necessary.
  • Go-to Place: Eat there if you are nearby, but don’t go too far out of your way.
  • DNR: Do Not Return under any circumstances. Mistakes were made; do not compound them.

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